Why Has Your Dog Lost Weight After Boarding?

While you might expect your dog to look the same when you pick it up from a stay in boarding kennels, this isn't always the case. Sometimes, dogs lose weight during a kennels stay, and your dog may look a little thinner than you'd like. There are a few reasons why your dog may lose weight after boarding; typically, this isn't anything to worry about. Emotional Weight Loss Like humans, dogs can lose their appetite when they are stressed or worried.

How to Get Your Cat Used to Being Picked Up

People loving being able to pick up their cats to give them a nice long cuddle, but some cats just aren't so keen on being handled. This can be a little disappointing, and it can also be very inconvenience when you need to handle a cat into a carrier before bringing them to the vet or a cattery. If your cat is a little averse to being held, try following the steps below.